'Inventing Anna' puts the accent in the wrong place

"Inventing Anna" transforms a juicy real-life drama about a con artist among the influencer crowd into a fairly inert limited series, in part by giving almost equal weight to the reporter who broke the story

Shonda Rhimes caught lightning in a bottle for Netflix with "Bridgerton," but her latest creation is less likely to have tongues wagging.

Rhimes has populated the show with a number of familiar faces from her ABC/"Scandal" days, but the marquee parts go to Julia Garner ("Ozark"),

sporting an accent seemingly patterned after Balki in "Perfect Strangers," and Anna Chlumsky ("Veep")

Even if Garner's character, Anna Delvey, actually sounded this way, listening to it for nine episodes borders on becoming a distraction at best, and an ear-bending ordeal at worst

While taking liberties with the story, the underlying bones of it are pretty sensational

Delvey, a "fake heiress," beguiled the Manhattan elite and banks alike, worming her way into high society before the walls came crashing down and landed her in a courtroom.

Delvey lived the good life, creating an image that fooled plenty of people and left many reluctant to discuss their relationships with her

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