Oregon Safeway worker tried to disarm gunman , who was fatally shot

A Safeway employee located in Bend, Oregon attacked a shooter who was threatening the store

which could be able to save lives, even before the murderer shot him fatally police said Monday

The gunman was responsible for the deaths of two victims however the calamity could be worse had an employee approached the gunman with an intent to kill him

to arm him in the produce section of the shop police told an announcement

The 66-year-old worker was named Donald Ray Surrett Jr. who is from Bend was described as a hero to police

Surrett and a client, aged 84, Glenn Edward Bennett, also from Bend the same area, were killed on the night of Sunday. Two others were wounded

"Mr. Surrett fought with the shooter, tried to disarm him, and could very well have stopped further deaths

Mr. Surrett was a hero in turning the tragedy around," Bend Police spokeswoman Sheila Miller said at a news conference while fighting against tears

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