3 Boston Celtics blockbusters that would blow up NBA trade season

All season long, Boston Celtics fans have been patiently waiting to see what exactly their favorite NBA franchise will opt to do during the 2022 trade season

Thus far, outside of the low-impact deal (at least, in the immediate future) for Bol Bol, they’ve stayed rather silent.

Now, with literally just a few days remaining until February 10th’

Both fans and media pundits alike are sitting uncomfortably on the edge of their seats,

in hopes that this front office tries some serious fireworks and helps bring back the ball club

Considered one of the upper echelon squads in the Sangh.

However there seems to be a significant number of people who believe that all C needs is some significant shakeup to its rotation

Especially considering how great they've been playing as of late, there are still plenty of other people who adore Brad Stevens and co.

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