T20 World Cup 2021 Live Score India vs Scotland: See the eyes of today’s match India vs Scotland

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T20 World Cup 2021 Live Score India vs Scotland

T20 World Cup 2021 Live Score India vs Scotland: See the eyes of today’s match India vs Scotland 

IND vs SCO Live Score: Indian captain Virat Kohli wins the toss, Scotland will bat firstIndia vs Scotland, T20 World Cup 2021 Live Updates: The Super-12 phase of the T20 World Cup is to be played between India and Scotland (IND vs SCO) in Dubai. The toss in the match will be held at 7 pm. In Group-2, where India are in fourth place with 2 points from 1 win, Scotland’s account of victory has not been opened yet. get. LIVE UPDATES related to this Match-

T20 World Cup 2021 Live Score India vs Scotland

India vs Scotland, T20 World Cup 2021 Live Cricket Score: The Indian team will have to win this match by a big margin to remain in the semi-final race. Currently India’s net run rate is 0.07. The net run rate of Afghanistan, which is at number two, is 1.48.

India Batting 

Over – 1

Stay friends with us in a while we will give you live score of T20 World Cup 2021 India vs Scotland.

Scotland 85* (17.4)

Today’s match has started and India has come to play its innings, to win this match, India has to score only 86 runs and today India will try to win this match in power play only. Come on guys it’s live now.

K L Rahul and Rohit have come in the opener pair.

KL Rahul opened his account by 1 run off the very first ball.

Rohit Sharma hit a four in this over. India’s score so far 8.0 /1 overs

Over – 2

On the second ball, Rahul hit another four and with this Rahul hit another four, in this over so far 2 fours and 9 runs have come.

India’s score so far 18.0 / 1.4 overs

So far in this over, Rahul has hit 3 fours and scored another run on the last ball. 

2 overs are over 23 Run 

Over – 3

Another four off Rahul on the first ball of the third over

On the second ball of this over, Rahul hit a six. 10 runs in two balls

India Live Score 34.0/2.3 Over

Seeing Rahul hitting fours and sixes from the front, Rohit Sharma’s hands would also be itching to hit fours and sixes.

India Live Score 39.0/3 Over

Over – 4

Rohit Sharma hit a six on the very first ball of the fourth over

Seeing Rahul hitting sixes and fours, Rohit Sharma has also opened his hands, due to which Rohit hit a four on the third ball of the third over.

Maybe there has been a problem with the bat, so the Indian batsman has ordered another bat.

Another six off the fifth ball of this over

Five overs completed – India’s score so far is 53.0 / 4 overs

Over – 5

India need 33 more runs still 2 overs of power play left

If India wins this match in the power play itself, then it will be the most important match in the world which will be won only and only in the power play.

One four and one six have been hit in this over so far.

13 runs have come in this over so far

Rohit hits another four for 1 wicket in 70 India

India has lost one wicket, this is Scotland’s first success

5 overs are completed and India need only 16 runs to win

Over – 6

A four and a six have been hit so far in this sixth over.

Today’s match will be a birthday gift to the Indian captain

Today’s match will be a birthday gift to the Indian captain

Rahul is out , India need only 5 runs to win

bharat live score 82 . 2 / 6

Over – 7

The seventh over has started and now Indian captain Virat Kohli is playing.

India has won today’s match by hitting six

Baharat has won the match in 6.3 overs

India won today’s match by 8 wickets


Scotland Batting

Over – 1

India (Playing XI): KL Rahul, Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli (c), Suryakumar Yadav, Rishabh Pant (wk), Hardik Pandya, Ravindra Jadeja, Ravichandran Ashwin, Mohammed Shami, Varun Chakraborty, Jasprit Bumrah

Understand from the statistics – If Scotland scores 160 today, then India will have to achieve the target in 11.3 overs to bring their net run rate to +1,000. If Team India chases it in 7.4 overs, then they can take their net run rate ahead of Afghanistan.

Scotland’s batting started, George Munsey with captain Kyle Coetzer landed in the opening. Munse is playing the 50th T20 International match of his career. Pacer Jasprit Bumrah’s first over.

Over – 2

Munse hit a brilliant four on the 5th ball of the second over of Varun Chakraborty’s innings. Scotland have scored 13 runs in 2 overs. George Munsey 11 and captain Kyle Coetzer are at the crease after scoring 1 run.

Pacer Jasprit Bumrah bowled captain Coetzer (1) on the third ball of his second (third of the innings) and Scotland got the first blow on the team score of 13 runs.

Over – 4

Virat Kohli to Ravichandran Ashwin for the fourth over of the innings. George Munsey hit fours in the last three balls of this over. Scotland scored 25 runs in 4 overs for the loss of 1 wicket. George Munsey is at the crease after scoring 23 runs while Matthew Cross has not opened the account.

Over – 5

The fifth over has been very good for India, in this over India took one more wicket of Scotland

This is the first wicket of Mohammed Shami in this match and now India’s hold seems to be getting stronger. India’s pressure on Scotland is clearly visible

Scotland’s score so far is 27.2 /5 Over

Over – 6

The sixth over has started, Ravinder Jadeja has come to do this over. Ravinder Jadeja has taken another wicket, Scotland has lost 3 wickets.

So far Scotland have lost their crucial 3 wickets. And Jadeja has also dropped 1 wicket in the first over like Mohammed Shammi.

Another blow to Scotland. Took 1 wicket more, Scotland’s 4 wickets have gone so far. India building its strength on the match

Jadeja has had the best over of this World Cup | Scotland Score so far 30.4 /7 overs

Over – 8

Scotland Score so far 36.4 /8 overs 

Over – 9

Today is also the birthday of Indian captain Virat Kohli and today he thinks that Scotland should be allotted

Scotland Score so far 44.4 /10 overs

Over – 10

If Scotland keeps saying like this then it will be difficult to score 120 runs and today India will have to win this match as much as one sided.

Over – 11

It’s been 10 overs and a good six in this over | Along with this another one has already been paid, Scotland Score 57.4 /11 overs so far

Over – 12

Another blow to Scotland at the start of the over. Another player is out LBW

Ravinder Jadeja getting another breakthrough. 11. 2, but Scotland’s 5 wickets have gone so far Scotland score 60.5 / 12 overs

Jasprit Bumrah has been called by the Indian captain to do the twelfth and Bumrah has done a very good over. Scotland Score so far 61.5 /12 overs

Over – 13

Another success for Ashwin. India dropped one more wicket in this way Scotland have lost their 6 wickets

Scotland Score so far 63.6 /12.4 overs

Over – 14

14 overs have started | Scotland Score so far 70.6 /15 overs

Over – 15

Scotland team could not do anything special in this over, so far Scotland score 80.6 /16 overs

Over – 16

Another success for Shammi. Scotland lost another wicket 81.7 / 16.1

There is a strong appeal and Shammi also took his third wicket. Scotland have lost 8 wickets so far

What is this happening Another wicket on the third ball of this over. So far 23 balls of this over and the rest is Scotland 9 wickets 81 runs

Today Mohammed Shammi took 3 wickets in 3 balls.

Over – 17

Scotland Score so far 84.9 /17 overs | Indian batsman tries to be allotted before Scotland’s 100 runs

Another wicket for Scotland fell and Scotland were all out for 85.

Today, in the match between T20 World Cup 2021 India vs Scotland, Scotland has scored 85 runs and has given India a target of 86 runs.

Today Shami and Jadeja took 3 wickets in 3 balls. Today’s match will go to Shami and Jadeja ji only. Mohammed Shammi and Jadeja have bowled the best in today’s match. 3 wickets for Shami and Jadeja

Today India will not only win this match but will also correct its run rate. which had gone bad in the first two months

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