Electric Vehicle Charging Station Business 2022

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Electric Vehicle Charging Station Business: Start Today and Earn Lakhs of Rupees a Month

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Business: In today’s post we will know how to start electric vehicle charging station business? In this post, you will get complete information about how much it will cost to start an Electric Vehicle Charging Station, how much will be earned and how much profit will be made, how to get a license to do electric vehicle charging station business, how much subsidy the government will give.

You all know so much that the level of pollution is increasing very fast in the whole country and the reserves of petrol and natural oil are also decreasing gradually. Due to which many diseases and other types of problems are going to arise in the next 10 to 20 years.

In view of this, many developed countries have started working completely on zero carbon emissions. In which he has stopped all petrol and diesel-powered vehicles in his country and started driving electric vehicles.

The advantage of this will be that by starting an electric vehicle, the consumption of petrol and diesel will be reduced, and the carbon and hazardous chemicals released from it will also be reduced from the atmosphere.

By which all future problems will be solved. And on the other hand, people will no longer have to spend a lot of money for petrol and diesel.

Our Government of India has also started the campaign to start electric vehicles in the coming 10 years by completely switching from petrol and diesel in India. Electric rickshaws, electric scooters, electric cars have also started running in the market.

This is a great opportunity for you to Start Electric Vehicle Charging Station Business. Because right now there is no electric charging station in our India at all. And the most important thing is to open the charging station. Whoever wants to open an electric charging station, the government is also helping them and is also providing loans and subsidies.

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Why should you Start an Electric Vehicle Charging Station?

You all have to see that in the coming time only electric vehicles will be seen in the market. Because all the countries have approved for zero carbon emission. And the biggest hand in carbon production is the petrol diesel vehicles running daily.

Which emits the largest amount of carbon. That is why the demand for electric vehicles is going to increase so much in the market that you cannot even imagine.

In such a situation, an electric charging station will be required to charge the vehicles. And it has just started in India. Many companies have started making electric vehicles.

That is why if you also start an electric vehicle charging station from now on, then you can earn a lot of profit from now and in the coming time also. Because the sooner you start this business, the more profit you will be able to earn.

If you are not able to do it in time, then maybe later the competition will increase. And now the cost of starting the charging station will also be used and the government will also help you.

That’s why you must start this electric vehicle charging station business. And in this post I will tell you the whole process in detail. So you stay till the end.


What is an Electric Vehicle Charging Station?

Now this question must be running in your mind. So as when we run out of petrol or diesel in our petrol diesel vehicle, we go to the petrol pump and get petrol or diesel filled and pay a fixed price for it.

In the same way, when the charge of the battery in an Electric-Powered Vehicle becomes less or less, then it will need to be charged. And to charge it requires high voltage current and a special type of charging point.

Hence the need for an electric charging station. Where people can come and get their vehicle charged and pay for it.

The government is also promoting the campaign to open charging stations very loudly. Along with making electric vehicles, many companies have also started giving franchisees to set up “electric charging stations”.

So if you want to start an electric charging station, then you can start your own charging station business by buying the franchise of these companies. And you can earn lakhs of rupees a month.

Proper Place to open Electric Vehicle Charging Station

If you are thinking that where to open this electric vehicle charging station so that more and more vehicles come to you and you can get more profit. So let me tell you that, you can open this station anywhere.

But the most crowded place such as bus station, railway station, petrol pub, shopping mall, vegetable market, or market in the middle of the city, busy road or highway, airport is the right place for you.

But right now the Government of India has divided it into 3 types. In the first one, these charging stations will be set up at all the airports, bus stands, commercial complexes, shopping malls, railway stations.

In the second type, all the government offices that are there will be outside them. And in the third type, electric vehicle charging station will be set up along busy roads, crowded markets, and highways.


Where to Apply to Start Electric Vehicle Charging Station Business?

The government is also helping a lot to open EV charging station. That is why you can apply online to open a charging station by visiting the website of the Ministry of Power, Government of India.

Many companies in India have started franchising to open charging stations. So you can also take a franchise for yourself by partnering with them. And start your own electric charging station.

List of Companies with Electric Vehicle Charging Station in India

Company City
Exicom Power systems Gurgaon
P2 power solution Noida
Magneta Group Navi Mumbai
TATA power Mumbai
Okaya power group Delhi
EVQPoint Bengaluru
Numocity Bangalore
Charge+zone Vadodara
ChargeMyGaadi Delhi
Volttic Noida

How much will it cost to start an Electric Vehicle Charging Station in India?

The cost of setting up a charging station can vary greatly. Its cost can range from 1 lakh to 10 lakhs. That too if you take the franchise of companies. But you must be wondering why there is no fixed price?

So here let me tell you, the cost of a charging station mainly depends on the charging standard used, the power output you want from the charger (or, in other words, how fast you want to charge the battery). .

Charger Type Charger Connectors Rated Voltage(V) Total Cost
Fast Charging CCS (Min 50KW) 200-1000 14,50,000
Chademo (Min 50KW) 200-1000 14,50,000
Type-2 AC (Min 22KW) 380-480 2,40,000
Slow Charging Bharat DC-001 (Min 15KW) 72-200 1,25,000
Bharat AC-001 (Min 10KW) 230 70,000

Charger cost aside, the station has other requirements as well. Which will cost you extra.

Land Lease 6,00,000
Civil Works 2,50,000
New Electricity Connection 7,50,000
Maintenance 3,50,000

What do we need to set up a charging infrastructure?

  1. Sufficient space to park the vehicles for the duration of the charging
  2. Local Certificate
  3. Appropriate civil work
  4. Proximity to a transformer
  5. Connection to Renewable Energy Source if transformer is not available

Government Rules and Subsidies for EV Charging Station

Some rules have been set by the government to open charging stations. In which earlier the charging station could be opened on the side of the road at a distance of every 25 km, but the government has changed it and has now allowed a charging station to be opened at 3 km.

And as far as subsidy is concerned, no official notification has come from the government side yet. But the budget of 1050 crores has been fixed by the government only to give subsidy. But when and how to get it, information has not been given. As soon as this information is available, you will be informed here.

Total Earnings From Electric Vehicle Charging Station Business

The total earning from Electric Vehicle Charging Station business will be in lakhs. This business has just started and the number of electric vehicles is still in the works. But in the coming time, as the number of vehicles will increase, your earning will also increase.

And your earning also depends on how you have prepared the infrastructure of your charging station, how many vehicles can you charge simultaneously?, how much money you charge for charging, is your charging point fast or slow. If you talk about profit, then if you start this business now, then in the next 2 to 3 years you can easily earn lakhs of rupees a month.

Friends, tell all of you that the future of this EV Charging Station business is very bright in the coming time and if you are ready to invest money, then before investing money in this business, you should know more about it. Do get it.

Friends, how did you all like our Electric Vehicle Charging Station business information today. If you like then do not forget to share and follow us to read more such information. Thank you

***FAQ For Electric Vehicle Charging Station Business***

1. How to open your own Electric Vehicle Charging Station?

Ans – To open your own charging station, you can apply online by visiting the Ministry of Power Corporation website of the government or you can buy the franchise of the companies listed above.

2. Will the electric vehicle charging station business be successful or not?

Ans – It will be absolutely successful, because the number of electric vehicles will increase in the coming time and the more the number increases, the more charging stations will be needed.

3. Can Electric Vehicle Charging Business Be Started At Home?

Ans – Yes, if you have a little space where vehicles can come, then you can even make an electric bike, or small car charging point at your home.

4. How much does it cost to charge a car?

Ans – It depends on you, else if there is a fixed price from the government, then it will be the same. Otherwise, you can set your own fixed price according to the infrastructure of your charging station.

5. How much will it cost to start an electric vehicle charging station business?

Ans – The full cost list is given above. By the way, if you tell openly, then between 10 to 35 lakhs you can start a charging station comfortably.

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