Best Time To Drink Milk | Before Drinking Milk, Know Its Rules

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Best Time To Drink Milk

Best Time To Drink Milk | Before Drinking Milk, Know Its Rules

Best Time to Drink Milk: Friends, milk is considered to be the most important food in human life. Because from the time of birth, the first thing that enters our body as Jain is milk.

Milk is an animal product that we get from living animals. And all the things that we get through any living being, they contain a lot of hormones, enzymes and amino acids.

Because of which it is very important to eat them at the right time with the right things. Because fermented things in food and animal products have a very high tendency to react chemically. Best Time to Drink Milk

Best Time To Drink Milk

Friends, milk is equivalent to a complete diet in itself and there are many such nutrients for human beings which we can get in abundance only from milk.

That is why it is said that people who do not drink milk daily, they have to face many health problems after the age of 40. And children of growing age must drink milk.

But milk should have a complete effect on the body, so the rules related to milk should be known. Even after drinking milk for many people, its effect is not completely on their body. And some people do not even digest milk properly.

There are many things that are consumed before or after drinking milk, then the chemical reaction that occurs can be harmful for our body. And there are many such diseases, the reason for which is believed to be the consumption of milk at the wrong time or with the wrong things. Best Time to Drink Milk

Most of the diseases of stomach, digestion, urination, skin are due to wrong time consumption of milk. That’s why friends, it is more important for us to drink milk than it is more important than the rules related to it.

If milk is drunk in the right way, then milk alone is enough to keep a person healthy and strong for a long time by fulfilling all the nutrients of the body.

In today’s post , we will talk about at what time and how it should be consumed to get maximum benefit from milk?

Best Time to Drink Milk With which things milk should not be consumed? How milk can be used as medicine in different diseases. And if milk is not digested then what should be done to digest milk?

Best Time To Drink Milk

When Should We Not Drink Milk?

After Eating

Milk is a complete food in itself, so drinking milk immediately after a meal is considered equivalent to eating again.

Because it takes a long time to digest milk. And if milk is drunk after a meal, it makes the body feel heavy. Stomach feels more full. And the process of digestion of food slows down.

If you have to drink milk immediately after having a meal, then reduce the quantity of both food and milk by half. For example, if you want to drink 4 rotis and a glass of milk, then in this case, make the quantity of roti 2,

And also drink only half a glass of milk. Only by doing this will your food be digested properly. But an even better way is to keep a gap of at least 2 hours between having food and drinking milk. Best Time to Drink Milk

Citrus Fruits And Salty

Friends, never consume sour things like lemon pickle, chutney etc. before or after drinking milk. And do not eat spicy salty spicy snacks before or after drinking milk.

Milk does not mix with all these things. And if these two meet inside the body, then due to the separation of the chemical compound, the possibility of stomach upset increases very much.

Problems like stomach sounds, food digestion, gas, acidity, flatulence, and stomach pain can be caused by consuming sour things with milk.

Onion And Brinjal

The chemical compound of milk is also opposed to onion and brinjal. Therefore, if you consume brinjal in food and raw onion for salad, then consume milk only after at least two hours.

Mixing milk with these two increases the chances of getting different types of skin allergies and skin diseases. Best Time to Drink Milk

Fish And Meat

It is believed that if milk is drunk after eating fish, then diseases like white spots and leicoderma can occur on the body. However, this has not been scientifically proven yet.

But still consuming milk with or after fish and non-veg is not a right decision anyway. Because milk itself is rich in calcium and protein. And the amount of protein in meat, fish etc. is very high.

Both meat and milk are quite heavy, due to which our stomach and intestines have to work extra hard to digest them together. Due to which more than skin diseases, the chances of getting digestive diseases can increase significantly.

With Curd

When mixed with milk, curd reacts with milk and turns it into curd. And when we consume these two together or one after the other. So this process starts in our stomach. Due to which the possibility of disturbances in our digestion increases greatly.

Best Time To Drink Milk

When and how should we Drink Milk?

According to Ayurveda, the right time to drink milk is considered to be at night. Milk contains an amino acid called ‘tryptophan’, which helps in getting good sleep by calming the mind and body.

When we do not eat anything in a long interval of the night, the effect of milk on our body is maximum. And those who drink milk at night, their stomach is also clearly clean in the morning. Best Time to Drink Milk

By drinking milk during the day, our body does not get all the nutrients present in it. While drinking milk at night, keep the quantity of food low and consume milk only after at least 2 hours after the meal.

How To Drink Milk

If your weight is increased or normal, then it is best to drink cow’s milk. But if you want to become a little fat by increasing your weight, then it would be right to consume buffalo milk.

If seen from the point of view of strength and nutrients, then cow’s milk is many times better than buffalo milk. Because its effect is visible very fast on our brain, skin, bones and hair.

Buffalo milk increases the amount of phlegm in the body as compared to normal milk. And it is most useful only for gaining weight. So always drink cow’s milk.

And if you can arrange A2 milk of ‘Gir cow‘ in a cow, then this milk is not less than any nectar. ‘Gir’ cow’s milk is the most healthy, low fat, high energy and extremely powerful.

Gir cow’s milk is a bit expensive, as a single glass of it has the same potency as five glasses of ordinary cow’s milk. And it is also considered very useful for weight loss.

Friends, never drink milk cold. Because the speed of digestion of milk is slow, and when we drink cold milk, it gets digested even more slowly.

Due to which gas starts forming in the stomach. Always warm the milk slightly or consume it only at normal temperature. Best Time to Drink Milk

Best Time To Drink Milk

Use only honey, Desi Khand, and sugar candy for sweetness in milk. Milk sweetened with sugar is not beneficial at all. Because sugar destroys all the nutrients of milk. And at the same time we find it very difficult to digest milk with sugar.

Milk should be consumed not only by children but by people of all ages. And every time while consuming milk, keep in mind all the things mentioned in this post of ours today. So that you can take full advantage of milk by avoiding unnecessary troubles. Best Time to Drink Milk

Latest Updates For Best Time To Drink Milk

If you suspect that the milk you are drinking is not completely pure or has adulteration and you are not able to reap the real benefits of milk. So in the coming post we will tell you how to identify adulterated milk? And what are those things which, by mixing it with milk, doubles its effect.

So hope you liked our post “Best Time to Drink Milk“. If you like our post then share it with your friends. And stay connected with our blog to keep reading similar health related posts. Thank you.

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